Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce Dispute

There's trouble brewing between Dothan officials and the city's Chamber of Commerce.

In fact, the trouble may cause City Manager Dennis Rubin to put this year's Chamber of Commerce appropriation on hold. The city usually gives $225,000 to the Chamber each year.

District 3 Commissioner Don Clements said some commissioners are "at odds" with Chamber leaders over their refusal to support a downtown route for the I-10 connector.

Besides Clements, Commissioners Reading, Glanton and Bullard said Chamber funding is not a certainty for them right now.

They're also concerned about the Chamber's endorsement of a property tax for education.

Clements said since the Chamber receives tax dollars from the city, the organization shouldn't support an additional tax on the public.

Chamber Director Matt Parker said he won't comment on the issue until he talks to city officials.