Good Samaritan in Dothan

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Mary Turner has been living in this house all her life.

"This is my home house. This is the house I was born in. In fact, I was actually born in the room I sleep in," says Turner.

And until now her home had been falling apart.

"Her roof was leaking, the paint was falling off the boards and all," says Pastor Jeff Greiner of the Church of the Nations.

Pastor Jeff Greiner and some members his church is giving up their weekend to help out Turner. The workers are repairing a roof, painting the house, and making any other repairs needed for someone who until now was a stranger.

"I was saying, 'Lord, I need some help!' And he sent the Church of the Nations. I had asked for one thing, they gave that and then some and I thank God for them," says Turner.

"God moved us in here about eight months ago, and what we discovered is there is so much need and I really want to be part of a solution and not just drive by, but lend a helping hand," says Reiner.

“They're good people. I like them. I really like them. I would even say I love them because when they came into the neighborhood, they didn't come in pushing their way in. They cam in and accepted people for who they are," says Reiner.

The reason for the work, Greiner says, is his "calling" to clean up Dothan's poorest and overlooked communities. Besides cosmetic work in the community, Greiner says he is also teaching some of the residents basic life skills like how to read and how to integrate with society.

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