Geneva County Arrests

A home burglary ring in Geneva County has been broken up. Police say an adult and a teenager are responsible for a half-dozen break-ins across Slocomb and Malvern.

It seems a Malvern resident saw his neighbor's car being stolen and decided to pursue it into a Slocomb neighborhood. After a short chase, the suspect crashed the stolen Honda accord into a tree.

After the car crash, 19-year-old Antonious French of Slocomb was taken into custody. He faces five-counts of burglary and five-counts of theft of property. A 17-year-old male was also taken into custody.

The suspects have been dubbed the “bicycle burglars.” They allegedly rode on bikes in neighborhoods looking for homes where it didn't appear anyone was home.

Over the last three-weeks, police have investigated five home break-ins.

Slocomb Police Chief David Land says they looked for firearms and jewelry.

French is in the Geneva County Jail awaiting his first court appearance.

Authorities are in the process of notifying owners of the property that's been recovered.