Dogs Running Loose and Terrorizing Neighborhood

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Residents in the Lake Front Drive and Gloryland Court Community on Lake Eufaula have had some problems in the past with a pack of dogs that belong to one resident that terrorize the entire neighborhood.

Sunlight and water and scenery are in large quantities in a lakefront community on Lake Eufala, but some times in the past, people, especially small children might not have been able to enjoy it.

One might wonder why on some weekend’s people can't come out and enjoy the beautiful weather on Lake Eufala. The reason? Sometimes dogs are free to run.

In fact, the situation peaked a while back when the dogs owned by Gerald Watson chased down and attacked a jogger, who was visiting a family reunion. His injuries were such that he needed to go to the hospital.

Dethalia Armstrong said, "On Friday night he got up early the next morning to go jogging and he had no idea of the area. He ran down the road and was bitten by two of the dogs."

Situations like these prompted the community to file a petition to get something done about the dogs, citing the danger they posed along with the massive amount of fleas that can come with a large amount of dogs.

Health officials visited the home, but legally, are unable to take much action.

Sam Phillips with the Henry County Health Department said, “They would need to be on a leash, [which is the] law on the books. Even then, I don’t think it's a health department issue to enforce any dog restraint laws or leash laws."

Some neighbors have resorted to installing their own electric fence to keep the dogs out.

An electric fence appears to have been installed by Mr. Watson halting the dogs’ pursuit when they took offense to our presence, like a community has taken offense to theirs.

A petition was signed by 35 individuals, and turned into the county commission, with phases like "dogs running loose and terrorizing the neighborhood". They hoped to see some action, and now that the dogs have some restraint, it appears they have.

As it stands currently, there is no leash law in Henry County, so if Watson did install the invisible fence, it was on his own accord.

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