Sales Tax Holiday Begins at Midnight Thursday

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The second annual Sales Tax Holiday kicks off at midnight Thursday and stores are already gearing up for the increase in sales.

Retail stores are working around the clock to prepare for the tax free holiday. Most clothes under $100 dollars are tax free and stores are planning to see a big influx in customers.

JCPenny Manager Ginger Spry said, "We are adjusting staffing and merchandising receipts for the tax holiday to make sure we have plenty of help and plenty of merchandise for the weekend."

Some electronic items under $750 dollars, like computers are also part of the tax free weekend.

Circuit City Sales Associate Jacob Bane said, "There are a lot of savings, good laptops and desktops going on sale for the event."

And, it's not just computers that are tax free.

Bane said, "Any accessory is tax free like bags, mouses, [and] monitors."

Local store owners say the tax holiday helps to bring in customers who otherwise may only shop at larger retail stores.

Owner of The Freckled Frog Shannon Wolfe said, "It brings in people and we have all different prices. I think the no taxes will surely help to bring them in."

During last year's tax holiday Alabamians saved more than $6 million dollars during the tax free weekend.

The three-day Sales Tax Holiday begins on Friday at 12:01 and lasts until Sunday at midnight.

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