Student Laptops

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A class of sixth-graders and faculty at Cahaba Heights Community School will be the first in Alabama with laptop computers assigned to each of them.

The Vestavia Hills Board of Education yesterday approved the laptop assignments in a pilot program aimed at improving learning.

Chris Freeman, the school system's director of technology, said school kids are no longer fascinated with colored pens and dry erase boards.

School Superintendent Jamie Blair said there are no plans to eliminate textbooks, although national education experts say that is a growing phenomenon in other parts of the country.

State education officials said it is the first assignment of laptops for each student and faculty member in an Alabama public school.

Other systems have provided laptops for specialized groups of students or provided other equipment, like hand-held devices.

In an agreement with Apple, the Vestavia Hills system will pay about 127,000 over the next three years to lease 75 iBook laptops in a program called Apple One to One Learning. The money also will cover related software and training.