Former Dothan Officer Seeking Reinstatement

A woman who has been terminated from the Dothan Police Department is seeking reinstatement.

Former Officer Sylvia Summers worked in the city jail before she was promoted to officer.

And, a situation involving the jail was a major sticking point in a hearing Wednesday before the personnel board.

Bryan Shack was arrested by Summers and city attorneys say she failed to turn in the paperwork, resulting in Shack serving over 100 days in jail before his situation was addressed.

Summers attorney, who is also former Police Chief John White, suggested the same issue occurred with Officer Robert Cole.

However, the city claims that was an entirely different matter, saying only parts of Cole's paperwork were missing.

Dothan City Attorney Len White said, “You have that for Mr. Shack in Cole's case, you do not have that for Mr. Shack in Officer Summers case, and that's the reason Mr. Shack sat in jail for over 100 days.”

Wednesday’s proceedings came to a conclusion Wednesday afternoon. The boards’ decision will be available in the next few weeks.

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