New Brockton Revitalization

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Signs of the rapid growth in Enterprise is starting to spread westward. Business expansion dominated talk during a downtown New Brockton revitalization committee meeting.

In just two months, several new businesses opened along Highway 84 in New Brockton. Longtime residents say they're once again seeing parked vehicles and commerce taking place downtown.

Paul Hendricks manages a new restaurant, Aunt B’s. He says initial business is real encouraging. "It’s been favorable,” he says. “Folks say they're glad to have a place here in town to eat."

Mayor Charles Cole says New Brockton is sandwiched between Enterprise and Elba. He sees signs of growth filtering in from those two cities. "I see Enterprise spreading westward, and hopefully growth will be coming from Elba," he said.

And, it’s not only business growth. With the Mayberry Subdivision, folks are also moving in.

An area banker says the national housing market may be slow, but it's red hot here, judging by the number of folks looking for mortgages.

Tina Wilson, manager at People’s Bank says, "They want to see New Brockton grow. [It’s] not a real crowded place that's hard to get around, but a nice place to live."

The near completion of the Highway 84 Bypass connecting New Brockton with Enterprise is expected to accelerate the development of central Coffee County.

City officials believe that most of New Brockton's residents are commuting to work in nearby Enterprise, and even as far away as Opp.

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