Houston County Marijuana Bust

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This weekend the Houston County Sheriffs Department executed a search warrant in Southwest Dothan and ended up with more than $80,000 dollars in drugs and cash.

Cambridge Drive is on the southwest side of Dothan, a place where several elderly couples call home, but on Sunday, it was the sight of a drug bust that had been in the making for months.

People who live on Cambridge Road were shocked to find out that this happened in their neighborhood and it served as a reminder to them that one never really knows what their neighbors are doing.

"Well, that blew my mind,” said Harold Pierce, a community member. “We are just not accustomed to something like that and I’m sorry that it happened here. But you can't ever tell what's going to happen next around, anywhere for that matter."

Police believe that this particular crop of marijuana and a large percentage of the drug that makes its way into Houston County, comes from a different part of the southeast.

"The marijuana is believed to have come from the Atlanta area. The Atlanta area continues to become a major source of illegal drugs that are transported into Houston County,” said Undercover Narcotics Agent Jackie Smith. “The U.S. currency that was seized will be condemned through the court system as proceeds from drug sales and will be used for furthering our enforcement efforts against those who sell illegal drugs.”