Holmes County School Lunch Price Increase

The price of a school lunch is set to rise for the second straight year in one Panhandle county.

Last year, the Holmes County school board approved a 50-cent price hike for its 3,500 students.

But the board gave parents a break by increasing the price only a quarter and holding the remaining 25-cent increase for this year.

The hike is the first one in the district since 1990.

Beginning next month, a school lunch will cost $1.75, but reduced lunches will remain the same.

Holmes Co. Schools Superintendent Steve Griffin says, "We began looking at our records and saw the last time there was a price increase was in 1990. Everything has gone up since then. Fuel costs as well have gone up."

Once implemented, griffin says the price of a school lunch will be comparable to the prices charged in surrounding panhandle districts including Washington, Jackson, and Walton counties.

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