Middlebrooks Park Vandalism

Officials in one Northwest Florida city say a recent rash of malicious damage will ultimately cost taxpayer dollars.

Last week, a person or persons removed four porch-style swings and damaged a gazebo at Middlebrooks Park in Bonifay.

It is unclear how much repairs will cost, but Public Works Director Jack Marell says it took a significant effort to tear down the swings.

The park itself was recently built with $50,000 state grant, along with the assistance of inmate labor.

"I can't talk enough on what needs to be done with the people that do this. It is taxpayer money... mine and your money you know," said Marell.

A reward from Crimestoppers will be offered leading to the arrest, and conviction of those responsible.

Those with information should call the Bonifay Police Department at 850-547-4429.

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