Wiregrass Thunder Storms

The biggest impact from last night’s storm appears to be power outages. Many people were left without power in the Fortner Street and Ross Clark Circle area.

Even though people were left in the dark they enjoyed sitting on their porches enjoying the cool breeze that came with the storm.

However, people had their own respective frustrations once the power went out.

Utility crews spent many hours trying to restore power in the Wiregrass.

WTVY News 4 checked around with power companies to get approximate numbers of outages.

  • Alabama Power reported 2700 of its customers were without power.
  • A spokesman at Gulf Power told us outages were sporadic in Marianna, Pensacola, Destin and Panama City.
  • Georgia Power told us 325-customers lost power during the storm in Blakely and Donalsonville.

    A number of traffic lights were out on Ross Clark Circle making it hard for some to get around last night..

    If you were out in the weather you know that traffic was a mess, especially on the South side of Dothan. At the intersection of Fortner Street and Ross Clark Circle there was a lot of confusion.

    Dothan police say there was a delay due to backed up vehicles at the intersection, but they did their best to direct drivers through the mess until things got back to normal and the traffic lights were back up and running.

    High winds from the storm managed to knock down some trees in the area. Officials in Ashford told News 4 that a few trees and tree limbs impeded a few roadways and the mess was quickly cleaned up.

    But, that was not the case in Rehobeth. The Rehobeth Fire and Rescue Team was unable to respond to any calls after a tree fell on some power lines, knocking off the power. The tree also took off part of the building's roof.

    A crew from the power company was on the scene immediately trying to fix the problem. Fortunately, the rescue team's emergency services were not needed.