Watering City Recreational Areas

You may have heard about the watering restrictions due to the drought in the Southeast, and those restrictions have been enforced by Dothan officials all around the city, but what about the recreational areas?

Some people may feel that watering places like the football field is unnecessary, but most city leaders feel differently.

"Having a nice green football field for children to play on a Friday night and people to come and watch and enjoy makes a really good image for the city of Dothan."

The football field is watered by high-powered water cannons that pump out water at a rate of 50 gallons per minute. Remarkably, this way of watering is in fact more efficient then the conventional means of using standard rotary head sprinklers.

"You have six guns compared to four or five zones of rotary heads and you conserve money because one gun's running at one time compared to ten to fifteen heads on a zone."

The water that the city uses is also recycled and used again in another effort by Dothan to conserve our water supply.

Because of the drought here in Alabama, the football field needs a lot of water to stay green.

Dothan is still on an odd-even watering schedule. That means if you live at an odd address, you can water Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Even addresses can water Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. There is no watering on Monday.

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