Napier Field Veterans Memorial Park

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It may only look only like a field of grass, but Napier Field Historian Karl Petersen hopes that will soon change. "We want to commemorate the survivors of Napier Field. We want to commemorate the people that constructed Napier Field and those that lived here after it became inactive as a military base. We want to build a park," he says.

The Napier Field Army Air Force Base was used to train pilots from 1941-1945.

The park committee hopes to get a replica of the gate built, along with a gazebo, fountain, landscaped greenery, a monument and a static display of an actual T-6 Texan Airplane.

There are three soldiers still alive, two who we were privileged to interview. They say the memorial's construction would be an honor.

"I'm very humbled. I appreciate it," says Retired Napier Field Army Air Force Base Soldier Martin Bostic.

"It makes me feel good. We got our wings right out here behind the building in '44. And I was in the barracks right there on the corner," adds Bostic's Comrade Retired Veteran Ray Barber.

So far, there has been $700 dollars collected for the park and committee members say they hope for more donations.

The town desperately needs more money to complete the memorial park.

If you'd like to help, call Napier Field Town Hall at 983-3548.