Sex Predator Driver License

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Sexual predators in Alabama now will be marked for life on their driver's license. The new law went into effect in September of 2006, and law enforcement officers are starting to see the new look on the roadways.

The change is helping law enforcement officers identify anyone who has been convicted of a sexual offense. The prominent mark on the license is also designed to alert employers of a future employee’s background before any hiring arrangements are made.

Sexual offenders in Alabama now have to comply with a new state law. The law was passed in 2005 and is now being implemented throughout the state.

Cpl. Jessie Williams with the Dothan Driver's License District said, "Effective September 21, every convicted sex offender has to have a designated license and they're required to carry them with them at all times."

The new license has the words written in red, bold letters on the front of the license. Driver's license officials say many people have already started complying with the law.

Williams said, "On most occurrences the applicant will say they need a license to comply with the law and we check with the ABI to make sure they're on the list."

And if sexual offenders choose not to register for the new license, they face serious penalties.

Williams added, "Failure to do that person would make a person guilty of a Class C felony."

That means a sexual offender who fails to get a new license with the new mark could spend up to 10 years in jail and be fined up to $15,000.

State driver's license officials say the mark will be hard to miss.

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