Dothan's Landmark Park Funding Crisis

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Agriculture and tourism are two of the biggest industries in the state of Alabama and one local park where both are preserved is in need of serious help.

It's a piece of history people have been visiting for more than 25 years, but in a couple of months, Dothan's Landmark Park could be changed forever, because of state budget cuts. Landmark Park Director William Holman said "unfortunately, what the state is saying is that facilities like Landmark Park are non-essential services."

Without state funds, the park cannot afford to keep employees like Demonstration Farm Manager Sid Brannon. Park employees hope it won't come to that, and they say they're counting on volunteers and donations to keep the park as it is. If you'd like more information about how to help Landmark Park, call (334) 794-3452, or may send your donations to P. O. Box 6362, Dothan, Alabama 36301.