Girls Gone Wild

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A judge is threatening to dismiss the Girls Gone Wild suit filed in Tuscaloosa.

Tuscaloosa County Circuit Judge Steve Wilson says the three women who filed it must name themselves in court records Friday or their lawsuit against the makers of the film will be thrown out.

An attorney for the women, Calvin S. Rockefeller, contends his clients should remain anonymous to avoid embarrassment. The class action lawsuit was filed by the 19-year-old women in March.

The suit claims the video series' crew enticed and coerced them to disrobe and expose their breasts when they were 17.

The women, two from Tuscaloosa and one from Bessemer, were included in Mantra Films' Girls Gone Wild: Ultimate Spring Break Volume 8.

The girls were probably in Panama City, Florida, when the film crew approached them. Girls Gone Wild filmed in the city for the first seven years of the franchise's existence, but Rockefeller says it also could have been in Gulf Shores.

Judge Wilson last week dismissed seven of the complaint's original 13 charges against the video series, its founder Joe Francis, Mantra Films and Alabama-based video stores that distributed the film, including The Movie Exchange and Video Zone and Tanning. In all, 19 defendants were named in the suit.

Defense attorney Timothy Cummins declined to comment about the case.