Enterprise Homeowners Rebuild

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Many Enterprise homeowners have been displaced since the deadly tornado tore through the city about five months ago.

The Hudson’s are one of the first families to move into their new home.

The March 1st tornado destroyed Patricia and Randolph Hudson’s home they'd lived in for 30 years on Janice Street.

It threw their car into their brick home, collapsed the side of their house, ripped the roof off the structure and demolished storage sheds in their backyard.

After the shock wore off, the repairs began.

And now, they have a finished home, complete with new floors, new windows, a new kitchen, a new sunroom, new sheds; it was completed in just 3 1/2 months after the tornado.

A lot sits empty next to the Hudson’s home because that homeowner decided not to rebuild.

The Hudson’s neighbor across the street is just getting started rebuilding. The residents’ caddie-corner are still in the beginning stages and another next door neighbor is still repairing their home.

Most of the rebuilding delays stem from homeowners not sure whether to rebuild in the same place or which floor plans to use.

However, the Hudson’s were lucky. The damage is gone now and they hope they never have to go through anything like this again.

The Hudson’s are retired so they were able to spend time at their house during construction.

Fortunately, they had auto and home insurance, which covered the damage. They did not have to wait on any FEMA money.

The Hudson’s expect it will take a couple years before the neighborhood gets back to normal.

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