Former PASS Teacher Also Employed as a City Worker

A former Dothan teacher's aide fired for charges of sexual misconduct was also employed as a city worker.

Former PASS Academy employee 34-year-old Keaton Lamar Battle was arrested and charged with soliciting sex acts from students at PASS Academy.

Battle was fired from the academy in May when school officials learned he had previous charges from Seminole County, Georgia.

Shortly after being fired in May, Battle applied for employment with the City of Dothan's Department of Leisure Services.

Dothan City Attorney Len White said, “The city of Dothan had no indication at the time they hired Mr. Battle, that he had anyway committed any assault or any criminal action that would disqualify him from the city of Dothan."

Dothan City Attorney Len White says after Battle was arrested on child sex charges, he was immediately fired from the city.

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