Enterprise High Getting Ready for Back to School

Massive efforts have been made to increase classroom space at Enterprise Ozark Community College. It's Principal Rick Rainer's goal to create as much classroom space as possible on the campus for the next two years.

Enterprise High School Principal, Rick Rainer, looks at several of the 35 trailers brought on to the community college campus. The school will be located at least two-years until a new Enterprise High is built.

When classes get underway on Thursday, August 9th, the trailers will provide needed space.

Already, the student population is pegged at 1400, which is up more than 100 from May’s graduation.

"That will give us more space, and allow more space for the college as well, [which] they graciously helped us with. [It’s] a win for all of us," Rainer said.

This week, teenagers are picking-up class schedules’, parking passes, and getting picture ID’s.

Not everyone is overjoyed coming in on his or her summer break, however.

Kaley Yoakum, a senior said, "They look at me as the bad guy, they roll out of bed and come here, but I just take the picture."

Senior Logan Heim said, "It really doesn't affect us here at the college. We pick up our schedules as normal and just go on."

Monday through Thursday, classes will run from 11 in the morning to 4:46 in the afternoon.

On Friday, the schedule goes from 7:55 in the morning until 4:07 in the afternoon.

And, besides Fridays for the longer class day, that schedule will also go in effect for those days that the community college does not have classes.

Classes will begin Thursday, August 9th for all schools in the Enterprise school district.

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