Power Prices to Increase in Dothan

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Eleven Alabama cities buy power from the Alabama Municipal Electric Authority or AMEA.

The AMEA purchases power from coal plants, many of those plants pollute the air.

So, following federal guidelines concerning clean air, the plants must clean up their act.

It cost money to do that, creating a trickling effect of a 6.75 percent power rate increase, and the city of Dothan is one of 11 that are going to have to pay up.

"If we want cleaner air we need money to do that. In this particular case the money comes from somewhere because the supplier of electricity to the AMEA is going to pass that rate increase along to the AMEA cities," says City Manager Mike West.

Two years ago, Dothan residents saw a four percent increase on their utility rates because of a peak in demand.

Right now, city officials are looking to see if or when Dothan Utility customers will see yet another hike on their monthly bill.

"Hopefully in the next few weeks we'll be coming forward with a report on how it's going to impact the citizens," concludes West.

And, if it does in fact, impact the citizens, you probably won't see the increase until later on this year.

City commissioners will have to vote before any increases take place.

The AMEA will begin charging the city more money on October 1st.

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