Alabama Ranks 2nd in US Uninsured Motorists

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We’ve all had one, or know someone who has: a car accident with someone who doesn't have auto insurance.

It’s a very unpleasant, costly experience and a new study confirms Alabama is the second leading state tying with California in uninsured drivers on state roads.

The Insurance Research Council released a study showing 25 percent of Alabama drivers lack insurance between 1999 to 2004.

Insurance experts say the problem with the law is people with relatively few assets to protect have no reason to buy insurance.

However, Probate Judge Luke Cooley says in Alabama’s case, it's the poor laws.

Judge Cooley says the state is putting a premium on trying to catch uninsured motorists.

They’re sending out questionnaires asking for proof of insurance.

So, you will want to follow up on it because we all know someone's who's tangled with uninsured drivers and it's a real pain.

House Minority Leader, State Representative Mike Hubbard of Auburn sponsored Mandatory Insurance Legislations.

He says the law can work, but needs better enforcement.

In the study, Mississippi had the first highest percentage of uninsured drivers in the 50 states.

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