Last Minute Preparations Underway for Mission of Hope to Panamá 2007

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Doctors, nurses and volunteers from the wiregrass are making last minute preparations before heading off on a mission trip to help the Gnobe Indians of Panamá.

The group travels to panama every year to lend medical aide to the Gnobe's.

Last year they also began construction of a fresh water pipe project to provide clean drinking water to the tribe.

This year they plan to expand that project, build a house for the Gnobe teacher, and build a retaining tank to help the tribe store water during the dry season.

"The vast majority of their diseases come from contaminated drinking water which gives them stomach worms and intestinal parasites... and Rotary International has given us a $20,000 grant to complete the water project,” said cancer specialist, Dr. Steve Stokes.

The group will leave for panama on Saturday at 9 AM.

Look for daily blogs and pictures from the trip on beginning next week.

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