Coffee County Rally

Several years-ago, a Navy chaplain appeared in the national news after being court-martialed for praying at a funeral in Jesus' name.

That chaplain along with several prominent right-wing columnists and broadcasters will soon be in the Wiregrass.

The Coffee County Commission has approved a one-day crusade at the farm center.

Crusade organizer, and Coffee County School Board member, Annette Griswold, says moves are taking place in Washington to muzzle Christian leaders.

"Attempt to alert the people in the community, not to arms or anything, but to alert the people that we have rights that they may have forgotten about to let them know that we do have rights to be Christian," said Griswold.

The "Let Freedom Ring Rally" will be held at the farm center on Saturday night, September 8th.

The public is invited to attend.

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