Alabama Health Officer in Dothan

The State Health officer warns some Dothan citizens that they should be prepared for a pandemic.

Dr. Donald Williamson, spoke at Monday's Dothan Rotary Club meeting about a new Trauma system and the threat of a pandemic.

He said the Trauma system he's backing routes emergency patients to the hospital that can give them the best chance of a positive outcome, rather than just the closest one.

He said that he is certain that we will have another pandemic sometime in the future with the bird flu being a likely agent, and the public should get prepared.

"The assumption has been that somehow the government will be there to take care of you if something bad happens. Well, the reality is that whether it's a hurricane or a pandemic, we are all going to be responsible for some period of time for our own survival," said Dr. Williamson.

He suggests that you have an emergency kit with food, water, your medicines and you should prepare a place for your loved ones to meet in case of an emergency.