Mosquito Spraying

A Samson man wants to try and rid Geneva County of disease-carrying mosquitoes from the sky.

Crop duster Jerry Wise owns and operates Ag Flying Service in Samson. Wise asked the Geneva County Commission about spraying a pesticide from his plane.

A similar program took place in South Florida. The board felt an aerial assault would be too expensive with a price tag of around $360,000.

They are looking at the possibility of spraying identified mosquito breeding areas. Extended Web Coverage


  • There are 2,700 species of mosquitoes.

  • More than 50 are resistant to at least one insecticide.

  • A mosquito weighs only 1/25,000 of an ounce.

  • A female mosquito drinks about 5-millionths of a liter of blood per serving.

  • Mosquitoes find new hosts by detecting infra-red radiation emitted by warm bodies; and by chemical signals.

  • They are attracted to carbon dioxide and lactic acid.

  • A mosquito can fly 1-1.5 miles per hour.

  • Some mosquitoes can fly 75-100 miles.

  • A mosquito can smell you from 40 miles away.

Source: a compilation of web reports contributed to this report