President Reagan Road

The 40th president visited Dothan nearly 18-years-ago and city officials have been asked to designate a street in Reagan’s honor.

Ronald Reagan is the only president of the United States to visit Dothan during his tenure in office. The presidential motorcade traveled to and from the airport on Denton Road.

Dothan city commissioners have been asked to designate that portion of Denton as President Ronald Reagan Boulevard. District Judge Brad Mendheim came up with the idea.

Judge Mendheim sent a letter asking the Dothan City Commission to honor President Reagan. Houston County commissioners will be sending city officials a letter of their own supporting the request.

And the dinnerware that President Reagan used during his visit to Dothan officially goes on display at the Wiregrass Museum of Art.

The dishes and flat-ware had been sealed in a chest since the president's visit until Mayor Chester Sowell broke off the lock three weeks ago.