Florida Campaign Policy

Alabama's runoff election takes place next Tuesday, but the Florida Primary is more than two-months away.

A recent decision by the Florida Division of Elections in Tallahassee has enraged candidates statewide, and it may mean that candidates will have to spend more money purchasing signs and other campaign materials because what they've already paid for may no longer be useable under the new law:

Beginning July 1 in Florida, all campaign material must include the following disclaimer information: Political advertisement paid for and approved by the name of the candidate, the party affiliation, and the office being sought must be included in the small print.

But, most candidates for local and state offices have already had their material printed up. For supervisor of elections personnel, they understand the plight of those seeking office, but say they’re only following the new state stipulations.

One state official recommends candidates use a stamp or place a reprinted label with the new disclaimer information.