Marijuana Bust

The Houston County Sheriff's Department and Dothan Police have joined forces to take down a major marijuana supplier.

Authorities confiscated about 250 pounds of pot during a raid Wednesday night in Dothan.

Sheriff Lamar Glover says a three-month investigation has resulted in the largest pot bust in the history of his department. The weed was being broken down and re-packaged for distribution in a house on West Lafayette Street. Most of the marijuana was in compressed bales weighing about 20 pounds each. Sheriff Glover says the pot had a potential street value of about one million dollars.

Four suspects have been charged with trafficking and are being held under one million-dollar bond. Bernard Sanchez and Beatrice Velasquez are from Texas. Hubert Davis and Dorinda Lewis are from Dothan. Neighbors say they never noticed anything-suspicious going on at the house down the street.

Sheriff Glover says the marijuana was apparently shipped in from Texas and his office is working with authorities there to help them track down the source of the pot.

A fifth suspect in the case is still at-large, but investigators say 18-year-old Rashaun Walker has contacted them and plans to give himself up.