Tyler Street Reopening

The time is near for the long-awaited opening of Coffee County Road 533, or better known as Tyler Street.

At one time motorists from state Highway 134 used it to travel into New Brockton.

Mayor Charles Cole says it's good to see it paved.

The street has been closed for nearly three-years, since being washed out by hurricane Ivan in September, 2004.

Several major delays in the half-million dollar project have slowed things down, but Mayor Cole says it's nearly complete.

The only issue is the size, and type of guard rail to be installed.

“Upgrade the guard rails to see what needs to be done and then get D.O.T. approval to get traffic once again on this road," said Mayor Cole.

The target date to reopen Tyler Street is Monday, July 23rd. City officials hope to get final approval by the state D.O.T.