Heat Stroke is Biggest Risk in Summer

With the heat index reaching triple digits, it's important for you to stay cool.

Like the men who clean our highways, many people have to work in places where air conditioning isn't an option.

Luckily, they've come prepared.

EVS Associate Coordinator Will Hayes says, "We bring coolers with ice and water, plenty of water and Gatorade, and those help a lot."

However, if you're not prepared like these men, you could be in danger.

Heat exposure can cause many problems, including dizziness, nausea and even death.

There are some innovative ways to keep cool and stay safe, like having your own personal cooling packs.

Mark Kight with Dothan Utilities says, "They're a gel-filled hat that you wet with ice water and it cools the top of your head cool, and we got that from a distributor. Also, a neckband, that's a gel-filled neckband that you can wrap around your neck that's got the jelly in it, and it keeps you cool."

Gel -filled packs will help you keep cool, but many people don't have them.

Emergency Physician, Dr. David Williams explains some alternative ways to escape the heat. "[Wear] just a cotton undershirt, so you have something to catch perspiration that will ventilate. Again, if you're outside and you have the opportunity to be in the shade as opposed to the hot sun, do so. I think wearing a hat is a very legitimate thing to do to keep heat from beating directly down on your scalp, and the important thing is to keep hydrated.

When you're outside facing the elements, never be too careful when it comes to heat exposure.

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