Dothan Animal Shelter Improvements

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It has been seven months since Dothan has been collecting an additional one-cent sales tax. Some of that money is being used to make improvements at the Dothan Animal Shelter.

Animal shelter volunteers have been asking for an expansion project for years now, that finally seems to be happening. Already, two new structures have been erected and shortly, a new puppy kennel will open up to improve living conditions at the shelter.

A new storage facility has been built to keep pet food clean and dry and soon, the building to keep puppies in will be completed as well.

Renee Jones works with Save-A-Pet, an organization that helps take care of the animals at the shelter. She said, "The puppy kennel helps keep the puppies healthier because disease is scary and they are susceptible."

While these improvement projects are welcome at the shelter, volunteers are hoping the city will also fund a full-time position to help take care of the day-to-day care of the animals.

Jones added, "We are hoping to get kennel workers because it's a tough job. Without a dedicated staff, it's too hard to keep up with everything."

The city has already temporarily hired two Wiregrass rehabilitation workers; however, they say if that arrangement doesn't work out they are ready to hire full-time workers.

Major Nick Monday with the Dothan Police Department said, "If it looks better to fill the positions, we will and if it looks better to retain rehab workers, we'll do that."

In the last few months the shelter has also been equipped with a new ventilation system to funnel clean air into the facility.

Also, a new euthanasia room has been built to allow the animals to be put down more humanely.

The next major project planned for the shelter is renovation of the main facility, which will help improve ventilation at the shelter and will also make more space for the animals.

City leaders say the new puppy kennels could be finished as early as next month.

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