Property Tax Delay

Penny Tax

Dothan City School Board members voted on Friday to ask that the election set for Sept. 10 be cancelled.

When the election was first called for, the school board thought all residents of Dothan could vote at their normal city polling place with Houston County supervising the election.

But, since that time, the board has discovered that Dothan residents in Henry County would have to have an election in Henry County supervised by Henry County officials.

And another election would have to be held by the Dale County Commission for Dothan residents that live in Dale County.

Also, there are residents in parts of Dale County annexed into Dothan who say they were promised at the time of the annexation, that they would not be taxed.

The questions in Dale County caused a delay in setting an election. The school board said they were concerned that the election might not be valid if all city residents aren't involved.

Before setting a date for a new election, the school board will be meeting with officials from all three counties to make sure that everything is in order.