Government Evaluating Seat Belts on School Buses

WASHINGTON (AP) - Click it, or not? The government is looking again at whether children are safer in seat belts when they ride the bus to school.

The Transportation Department convened a meeting today of safety officials, educators and bus manufacturers to consider ways of
improving school bus safety.

They say the changes could include higher seat backs in school buses and more guidance to states about seat belts on buses.

About five children are killed in school buses every year, making it the safest form of transportation in the United States.

But there have been some high-profile crashes recently. For example, four high school students were killed in Huntsville, Alabama, last November when a school bus nose-dived off an interstate overpass.

Seat belts are considered the most important safety equipment in cars and trucks, but some safety officials say the benefits have been less pronounced in school buses. Others disagree.

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