Marianna Man Shot

Authorities are still investigating the death of a Marianna man. They say the man was killed after breaking into another man's home located off Highway 90 in Jackson County, but they're trying to figure out if it was self defense.

Investigators say Robert Jernigan was in his home when a man broke in and attacked him in his bedroom. Officials identified the man who broke in and was later shot to death as Curtis Jerome Ryals.

Jernigan called 911 around 6:30 Monday evening and told them he shot someone after they broke into his house.

Officials say Ryals drove through a locked gate leading to Jernigan’s property, broke in the mobile home and attacked Jernigan.

Officials say Jernigan grabbed his gun; Ryals also grabbed a gun from inside the house. Jernigan fired first killing Ryals.

Officials have not made any arrests yet in connection with the shooting.