Defeated Dothan Commissioners Have No Regrets

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Commissioners Phillip Tidwell and Jason Rudd say even though their time on the commission is winding down, they aren't out of office, yet.

And, even though it may have cost them their seats, they don't regret voting for the 1 % sales tax increase.

District 6 Commissioner Phillip Tidwell looks over paperwork in his Dothan City Commission Office, readying for next Tuesday's meeting.

He says he still has a job to do and District 4 Commissioner Jason Rudd feels the same way.

"As long as I'm here, I'll continue as I was three months ago and serve the people of District 6 and the City of Dothan. I will serve it as full capacity as I can," says Tidwell.

"We're going to continue to work as we've always done for the next 2 1/2 months," says Rudd.

After serving one-term, Tidwell was ousted from his seat by Commissioner-elect Keith Seagle, while 8-year Commissioner Jason Rudd lost to retired Veteran John Craig.

Disappointed, both Rudd and Tidwell feel they lost the majority of the vote, because of what they say is a minor one-cent sales tax increase.

"The biggest guess, I guess if anybody could, it's all tax-related," says Rudd.

Regardless, Tidwell and Rudd said they have no regrets and they'd vote on the one-cent sales tax increase again if they had to.

"The people of District 6, four years ago voted me in as representative and I represent the people to the best of my ability for the district and the whole city. And yes, I'd vote for it (the sales tax increase) again," says Tidwell.

The commissioners last day in office is October 1st of this year.

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