Unneeded Prison Land of Sale

Alabama prison officials have announced a plan to help eliminate a 26 million dollar budge deficit.

That plan calls for the department to sell five pieces of land, including the state Cattle Ranch in Greensboro, and bring back inmates from Louisiana to reduce operating costs.

They are also going to put more inmates to work.

Officials look to sell more than 5700 acres to generate between 16 to 23 million dollars for capital improvement projects.

None of the money from the sale of five corrections properties would be applied toward the 2008 fiscal year shortfall.

All property to be sold will be appraised, advertise d and sold through a public process to the highest bidder.

The properties being put up for sale are:

  • 1,851 acres of the 2,215 acres at Red Eagle Honor Farm in Montgomery
  • The remaining 3,869 acres of the Farquhar State Cattle Ranch
  • An empty and unused 16,000 squared foot building on South Union Street in Montgomery
  • 32 acres in Wetumpka on Highway 231 North
  • 10 acres at the old Kilby prison in Montgomery

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