Westpoint Hosts Job Fair For Workers

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Wednesday afternoon, the employers came out in droves to the job fair at the Westpoint Stephens Plant in Abbeville; 62 in total, ranging from nuclear plants to fast food.

Organizers were proud of the event.

"We asked them to come and to be prepared to offer Jobs to these people that are in need,” aaid Event Coordinator Jimmy Jones. “And that's what we really wanted to bring across today is that we're here to help these people that are going to be displaced and try to keep them in Henry county, working."

The job fair was designed to help two groups of people: the Westpoint employees who will need jobs in the future and the employers at the job fair who feel the Westpoint people can take their textile talents and translate them into other jobs.

"Those employees that come from the textile industry into our industry are really knowledgeable, as it pertains to safety regulations and OSHA regulations,” said Therema Smith of Alabama Power.

Training is available for many of the jobs, and some even promise it, like Qualico Steels.

Douglas Dennis said, "If we have employees that have been with us 60 days and if they have welding capabilities, [we] will try and enter them into our training program we have during the nighttime."

The job fair will continue through Thursday.

As the clock ticks down to the plants closing, everyone involved hopes to do their part to maintain order in the lives of the workers.