DeFuniak Springs Police Chief Looks for illegal Immigration Solution

Defuniak Springs Police Chief Michael Adkinson estimates there are anywhere from 1000 to 1500 Hispanics living in his city of nearly 10,000 residents.

Unfortunately, he says many are illegal aliens.

Chief Adkinson says he continually tries to get the Immigration and Naturalization Service, or Border Patrol to pick them up when they commit a felony. However, the chief says it's a fruitless effort.

"All I'm saying is that they commit a crime, and they are illegal aliens,” he said. “The I.N.S. should get involved and repatriate these people back to their homeland."

Resident and Businessman, Colin Hicks, agrees with local police; more needs to be done on the illegal alien issue. "I'm all for what the chief is doing,” he said. “They shouldn't be here. Look at that trailer park down the road"

Chief Adkinson concludes, “All I'm saying is that the federal government should be able to do something about it, and to put these people behind bars if they commit new offenses."

The chief says he'll continue to follow the letter of the law when it comes to illegal aliens. And, he'll continue to ask Washington to take them off his hands like the law stipulates.

Law enforcement agencies from Pensacola to Jacksonville say they are also having difficulty getting the Immigration and Naturalization Office to take the illegals off their hands.

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