Commissioners Reaction to Race

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Amos Newsome was the only incumbent candidate to vote against the sales tax increase and he's the only one who was re-elected.

District 1 Commissioner Larry Matthews was the only city commissioner who joined Amos Newsome in the vote against the one-cent sales tax increase.

Now, he says the people's choice not to re-elect Jason Rudd and Phillip Tidwell had nothing to do with the sales tax increase.

Although Matthews voted against the sales tax, Commissioner Matthews says we need the tax increase to provide money for city improvements like vehicle upgrades.

Matthews says the sales tax increase is a good thing, it was just bad timing.

District 5 Commissioner Taylor Barbaree, who voted for the sales tax increase, is in office for two more years before re-election.

Unlike Matthews, Commissioner Barbaree feels the race was centered on the sales tax increase.

Commissioner Barbaree doesn't regret voting for the sales tax increase. He plans to move forward with capital needs and infrastructure improvements.

Both commissioners agree the city is headed in the right direction.

District 3 Commissioner Paul Lee voted in favor of the sales tax increase.

Commissioner Lee says, “It was obvious Tuesday’s election was about the tax issue.”

Lee adds part of being a good leader was in favor of it and making people accountable. He says in the next two years before his re-election, the people will see the tax increase revenue being spent wisely.

Here is a look at the numbers from Tuesday’s vote for District 4 and 6 Dothan City Commission seats:

In District 4, Incumbent Jason Rudd lost his seat to John Craig. The unofficial numbers show Rudd received 810 votes to Craig’s 930.

In the District 6 race, Keith Seagle received 1013 votes to Incumbent Phillip Tidwell's 942 votes.

Another race was for Dothan City School Board members. They will remain the same.

Incumbent Margaret Johnson defeated Barry Farmer. Johnson received 663 votes to Farmer's 177 votes.

Incumbent James Addison won with 871 votes over Bruce Peterson's 690 votes.

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