2007 City Election Results

There are two new Dothan City Commissioners Wednesday morning after two incumbents lose out to new comers.

In District 4, incumbent Jason Rudd loses his seat to John Craig. The unofficial numbers show Rudd received 810 votes to Craig's 930.

In the District 6 race Keith Seagle received 1,013 votes to incumbent Phillip Tidwell's 942.

In District 2, unofficial results, incumbent Amos Newsome wins with 554 votes to Mike Smith's 318 votes.

That makes Newsome the only City Commissioner in Tuesday’s election to retain his seat.

"The top priority for the City of Dothan is going to be water, it's going to be a landfill and it's going to be a sewage treatment plant; these are top priorities. Of course we are going to continue to improve our vehicles, we're going to continue working on our streets and we're going to continue making the necessary changes to our communications system and our police," said Newsome.

John Craig and Keith Seagle will assume their positions on the city commission on October first.

Associate Commissioner

  • District 2- Amos Newsome: 554 -------- Mike Smith: 318
  • District 4- Josh Craig: 930 -------------- Joson Rubb: 810
  • District 6- Keith Seagle: 1,013 --------- Phillip Tidwell: 942

    Board of Education

  • District 2- Margaret Johnson: 663 ------- Barry Farmer: 177
  • District 4 – James Addison: 871---------- Bruce Peterson: 690
  • District 6 - Chris Maddox

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