Houston County School Leaders Have Answer to Classroom Overcrowding Problem

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The sign reads, ‘Wicksburg High’; go a little further down to the marquee and a kindergarten entry test is advertised.

The K-12 school faces a little problem, along with Rehobeth Elementary and middle schools; that problem is overcrowding.

"They are maxed-out as far as their classrooms are concerned," says Houston County School Superintendent Tim Pitchford.

In a move by school officials, a workshop was held Monday evening to determine how to battle the issue.

It’s been determined that a new building for K-3rd or K- 5th grades will be housed on the Wicksburg campus, while 10 more classrooms could be added to the Rehobeth Elementary and Middle School.

The move will free up about 450 seats in Wicksburg classrooms and lessen the crowd-load that packed above capacity at Rehobeth.

"It's a good problem to have. I'd rather have a school system where people are breaking into, than breaking out of. With growth, there's a good, positive school system that people are moving into because of good schools. Therefore, we have problems that need to be addressed,” concludes Pitchford.

Pitchford also says it's not a matter of "if" the construction will take place, but "when" it’ll take place.

The issue lies in funding.

Architects and other building experts have already been on both campuses.

The school system already has a $5 million dollar bond issue provided by the state.

Leaders want to know how much more borrowing power they have.

Meanwhile, the other issue county officials’ face is safety. Sometimes students must travel from one campus to another for certain classes.

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