Police Arrest Ozark Hotel Robbery Suspect

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Late Monday night, a man went into Quality Inn in Ozark demanding money, and while the sum he was able to convince the front desk worker to give him was small, he did manage to make it away.

Therefore, early Tuesday morning the investigation began.

"Police worked through the night [and] were able to interview various witnesses and obtain a good description of the suspect,” said Chief Tony Spivey of the Ozark Police Department.

Robert S. Harrell was arrested around 10AM Tuesday morning as witnesses were able to identify both him and his vehicle.

Even though the heat and dry weather has been the same in Ozark as in other parts of the Wiregrass, the city has managed to improve on its crime record not only from last summer, but from cooler parts of the year as well.

"With weather such as we've had it does bring out the criminal element; [however] we've been fortunate in Ozark to not experience the significant increase in crime that other communities have," said Spivey.

The city of Ozark is on pace to see only a fraction of the 34 robberies that came in the calendar year in 06'. And, most like the one on Tuesday, those were solved within a day.

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