Memorial Service for Soldier Killed in Iraq

25-year-old Sergeant William Edward Brown was stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado but his wife lived in Enterprise.

Monday, Fort Carson remembered Sergeant William Edward Brown in a memorial service.

He will be remembered best for his sense of humor. His wife Rachel, his high school sweet heart, remembers that fondly.

“He was always full of trouble, he loved to make people laugh and play jokes,” said Rachel.

Sergeant Brown was a Crew Chief on a medi-vac helicopter and despite the seriousness of his job; he always had a way of staying positive.

“He was always smiling, he never really complained much, his favorite saying was everything is going to be ok...he'd just be telling every body that everything is going to be ok,” said Rachel.

And when it came down to it, fellow soldiers say, Brown was who you went to when you needed something done right.

Michael C. Byrne said, “He really was one of the better ones; you could go in and ask him to do some thing he'd be going out there and getting it done...good soldier.”

But on June 23rd, the army lost one of their best, a wife lost her husband and two little boys lost their daddy in a mortar attack in Iraq

They used to go outside and look at the stars at night, we told them that daddy is a star now and when he goes to bed at night all the stars are daddy saying that he loves you,” said Rachel.

Sergeant Brown was honored with the bronze star medal and the purple heart among many other awards.

On July 1st, a memorial service was held in Enterprise for Brown.

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