Eric Rudolph

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A hearing this week will determine where Eric Rudolph stands trial for an abortion clinic bombing in Alabama that killed a Birmingham police officer in 1998.

The trial is set for August second in Birmingham, where the blast occurred. But attorneys for the accused serial bomber have asked a judge to move the case outside of north Alabama.

His lawyers claim surveys conducted for the dense show years of publicity about the bombing and the search for Rudolph have made it impossible to pick an impartial jury in the Birmingham area.

Prosecutors oppose a change. They contend the bombing did not receive enough media coverage to taint potential jurors. They claim the passage of time between the blast and Rudolph's arrest last year in North Carolina will make it easier to find an impartial jury.

A two-day hearing on the location of the trial is set to begin tomorrow before U.S. District Judge C. Lynwood Smith Junior in Huntsville, where Smith normally presides. Previous proceedings have been held in Birmingham.