Equine Encephalitis in Jackson County

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Eastern equine encephalitis has shown up in Jackson County Florida.

Jackson County residents need to take the necessary precautions against mosquito bites.

A horse with the mosquito borne encephalitis virus was found on Highway 77 north of Graceville, Florida.

This is the first case of encephalitis this year.

Anyone infected with encephalitis may develop swelling of the brain.

If a horse contracts the virus, it can be spread to humans.

There is no encephalitis vaccine for humans, but there is a vaccine for horses.

Even though we've been in a drought period recently, rain is starting to fall so you need to take necessary precautions.

Simple precautions might keep your horses and your family safe from encephalitis.

Jackson County also recently encountered their first rabies case of the year.

A rabid raccoon fought with dogs and that raccoon tested positive for rabies. The dogs are currently being quarantined.

Jackson County health officials also say they've seen an increase in animal bites this year.

Sixty-six bites have been reported and six people have been treated for exposure to rabies.

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