Dothan Police Lieutenant Grievance

A Dothan Police lieutenant is asking Houston County’s Circuit Court to have him re-assigned and have his recent unsatisfactory evaluations disposed.

Lieutenant Duane Herring says his current assignment and poor evaluations are a result of retaliation on from Dothan’s Police Chief John Powell.

Herring wrote a letter to Alabama Attorney General Troy King, accusing the chief of corruption.

The Dothan Personnel Board ruled Lieutenant Herring's grievance was unsubstantiated.

But he and his attorney do not agree with the board.

Lt. Herring's Attorney John White said, "There is no question, with the timing of everything and with the testimony that was presented to the board, there decision is clearly an error in my opinion... and we're asking the court to vacate that decision>

No word yet on what kind of action the city will take or what the circuit judge will decide.

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