Dothan Police Officers With College Degrees to Get Higher Salaries

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Dothan police officers with a college may soon see a substantial increase in their yearly salary.

On Monday, the Dothan’s Personnel Board approved a measure to increase the pay for sworn law enforcement officers, based on the kind of college degree they have.

Officers with an associate’s degree will get a 2.5% pay increase, police officers with a bachelor's degree will make 5% more each year, and officers with a master’s degree could see up to additional 7.5% increase in their annual pay.

The pay increase is expected to affect approximately 49 sworn officers at the Dothan Police Department. Some police officers who don’t have college degrees are now considering going back to school to graduate and take advantage of the supplemental pay program.

Dothan Police Chief John Powell says it is still undetermined what degrees will apply to the new pay increase plan. There is still no official date for when the increases will take effect.

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