Cost of Living in Dothan

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Next time you go to the grocery store and look at the price of milk and say ‘Man, why does it cost so much ?' It’s not that bad because Honolulu, Hawaii has the most expensive milk in the entire nation!

Meanwhile, Dothan ranks as the 10 cheapest city in the U.S. because of its cheap low cost goods.

Mayor Pat Thomas said, "You can bring your bankroll with you from wherever you've worked all those years. Come to Dothan, AL. It'll cost you 14 % less to live than most places in the United States."

The criteria are based on more than 50,000 prices covering almost 60 different items bought by consumers. And, the fact that more business is coming to the area, i.e. the Dothan Pavilion, developers are amazed Dothan ranks so low.

Forrest Register with Register Commercial Development said, "What is surprising is Dothan stays in the tier. Because it seems like a lot of communities, the more benefits and services they have, they fall out of the cost of living.”

Developers say the average cost of a home in Dothan is half the price of a home in Panama City, Florida.

Developer Hugh Wheelless has tapped into the phenomenon and is building new houses, at affordable prices in the high-end part of town. "We've built a project called, Honeysuckle Cove by Honeysuckle Middle School. Being in the low 119's, 120's seems to be a market that's very affordable." says Wheelless.

Most of the residents moving to the area are retired.
And Mayor Thomas says one of the larger challenges leaders face right now, is keeping young professionals. He says the city is working on that.

Meanwhile, healthcare in the area is 20-percent below the national average, while housing rates are 29-percent lower.

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