Houston County Bridge Replacement Project

Houston County bridge replacement project is getting financial help from the Alabama Department of Transportation.

State Senator Harri Anne Smith made the announcement at Monday's Houston County Commission meeting.

More than 9,000 vehicles pass over the Beaver Creek Bridge on Brannon Stand Road every day.

Plans have been made to raise the bridge as well as widen it. The project will cost more than 1.7 million dollars.

Senator Smith says the state highway department has agreed to put up a quarter of a million dollars to help cover the cost.

"We let the highway commissioner know how important the Brannon Stand Bridge is to the citizens of Houston County,” said Sen. Harri Anne. “How narrow it is...how many accidents we've had around that area. It was a safety issue with the school in that area and how well traveled that road is."

Houston County engineer Mark Pool says work on the bridge project will begin next summer and should be completed within a couple of months.

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